Card games

  • Chinchon


    Chinchon is a game from 2 to 4 players whose aim is to combine your 7 cards in sequences of the same suit or in groups of 3 or more cards.

    Chinchon game
  • Last one


    A similar game to Uno or Mao. You can only place your cards if they match up with the cards of the table in color or number. From 2 to 4 players or in pairs.

    Uno game or Last one
  • Poker Texas Hold’em


    Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular variant of the game. Each player has 2 of their own cards plus 5 community cards with which to make their play.

    Online Poker Texas Hold’em
  • Poker


    The 5 cards “Draw poker” is the oldest variant and from which derive all the other versions.

  • Blackjack


    Blackjack is a card game whose aim is to overcome the dealer without exceeding 21 points.

    Blackjack game
  • Buraco


    Buraco is a very popular card game in Brazil available in various playing styles. You must combine your cards and go out with a canasta before your opponents.

    Buraco game
  • Rummy


    Rummy is en international card games, whose scope is to combine your cards in sets of stairs of the same suit or in groups of 3 or more cards.

  • Joker Poker


    You can win in style on Joker Poker! Get the best plays and multiply your wins

    Joker Poker

Games from other countries.

  • Cinquillo


    The aim of cinquillo is to place all your cards before your opponents beginning in order from the “5”. From 2 to 4 players. Also “Bastard cinquillo”.

    Cinquillo game
  • Mus


    Popular card game in Spain for 2 pairs which basically consists of betting in different kinds of bids.

    Online Mus
  • Tute


    Tute is a card game from 2 to 4 players whose aim is to get points by having the cards with the highest value throughout several rounds.

    Free online Tute
  • Briscola


    Each player has 3 cards per trick. The trump indicates the winning suit. Get points by having the cards with the highest value. From 2 to 4 players or in pairs.

  • Scopa


    Try to combine your cards with the cards of the table so that they add up to “15”. If you clear the table (no cards left on the table), you get extra points. From 2 to 4 players or in pairs.

  • Truc


    “Truc” is a method of playing Truco played in Eastern Spain. It is traditionally played in pairs, but can be played by 2 players.

    Truc game
  • Belote


    Belote is a cards game that is very popular in France, available in the classical and Coinché modalities. To play in pairs, 2 or 3 players.

    Belote game
  • Tarot


    The Tarot is the quintessential French classic game, with centuries of tradition and a deck of cards itself. It requires great attention, memory and thinking skills.

    Tarot game
  • Tranca


    Tranca is a card game that’s very popular in Brazil. Win more points with red threes going out with a natural canasta.

    Tranca game
  • Burraco


    Burraco game
  • Scopa


    The most widespread Italian card game. Get one of your cards combined with one or more of the table to get points.

    Scopa game
  • Argentinian Truco


    Argentinian Truco is a very popular card game in South America that combines strategy and cunning.

    Argentinian Truco
  • Truco Paulista/Mineiro


    Truco paulista and Truco mineiro are traditional card games of Brazil. Play online against other players and have exciting games.

    Truco game


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